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Nolin receives NASA funding as part of SnowEx Science Definition Team

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Nolin has been added to the NASA SnowEx Science Definition Team and has received five years of funding to support this effort.
The SnowEx project (https://snow.nasa.gov/snowex) is a multi-year airborne snow campaign focusing on accurate estimates of water is stored in Earth’s terrestrial snow-covered regions.

In this capacity, Nolin and her students will achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Evaluate forest structure metrics that affect snow remote sensing, from forest stand to watershed to larger scales;
  2. Improve and validate model parameterizations of forest effects on snow characteristics: including forest structure and forest litter (the direct effect of forest litter on snow albedo and the indirect effects of forest litter on snowpack physical properties such as grain size and density);
  3. Evaluate the use of a snow model to inform remote sensing algorithms where detection of snow properties is limited by forest cover;
  4. Recommend strategies for improving remote sensing of snow in forested regions for current and future NASA missions.
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