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Travis Roth, PhD candidate, Water Resources Science

Travis is a PhD student who grew up on skis in Wyoming, an interest that has since morphed into a career in snow science. His previous work has spanned multiple physical aspects of the water cycle, from groundwater remediation to headwater stream function to snow surface energy balance. His PhD work focuses on the effects forests have on snow accumulation and ablation in montane environments. This work integrates an active field measurement component, computer modeling and remote sensing techniques with a goal of improving snow evolution understanding in forested environments.



Ryan Crumley, PhD candidate, Water Resources Science

Ryan Crumley is a Ph.D. student in the Water Resources Graduate Program interested in human and ecosystem vulnerabilities in both glacierized and snow dominated watersheds in the context of a changing climate. In 2015, he received an M.A. in Geography from the Ohio State University conducting research on glacier melt contribution to stream flow in the arid, high alpine regions of the Peruvian Andes. He also recently worked as a graduate assistant in Education and Outreach at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center in Columbus, Ohio.


Chris Cosgrove, PhD candidate, Geography

Michelle Hu, MS candidate, Water Resources Science

Andy Wilson, MS candidate, Geography

Eugene Mar, Scientific Programmer

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