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National Science Foundation, “Anticipating water scarcity and informing integrative water system response in the Pacific Northwest”, $4.6M, 2010-2016, PI. [Willamette Water 2100]

National Science Foundation, “EAGER PROPOSAL: IceTrendr: An Automated Visualization and Analysis Tool for Mapping Changes in Glacier Extent from Landsat”, $179.3K, 2015-2017, PI.

National Science Foundation, “Flows of the future: Capitalizing on an extreme weather year to evaluate future summer streamflows in the Cascades”, $47.4K, 2015-2016, PI.

National Science Foundation, “CNH-RCN: Bridging communities and scales through a global mountain transdisciplinary sustainability network”, $500K, 2014-2019, Co-PI. [Mountain SENTINELS]

NASA, “Assessing Alpine Ecosystem Vulnerability to Environmental Change Using Dall Sheep as an Iconic Indicator Species”, $362K, 2016-2020, Co-I. [ABoVE]

NASA, “New Metrics for Snow in a Warming World: Indicators for the National Climate Assessment”, $475K, 2016-2019, PI.

NASA, “Cryosphere activities in support of the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR)”, $481K, 2006-2016, OSU PI. [MISR]

USGS/NW Climate Science Center, “Forest Management Tools to Maximize Snow Retention Under Climate Change”, $199.8K, 2014-2016, Co-I.

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